Politique de cookies

Quickepil’s cookie policy is intended to provide clear information about the function and purpose of the cookies that we use on our website www.quick-epil.com. For additional information about our cookies, contact us at info@quick-epil.com.


Our cookies collect information about your visits to our website. That information can include things like visit frequency, visit length, pages viewed and time spent browsing the website. We use cookies to

  • identificar problemas para mejorar
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Thus, we always ask for your consent to use cookies, as they provide us with information about your preferences and allow us to personalise your visit to our website and adjust our content to your interests.

Cookie types

Our website uses both first-party and third-party cookies (see below).

  • First-party cookies

These are sent to your device and are managed exclusively by us to improve website operation. These cookies are stored by your browser and allow us to identify you as a repeat visitor so that we can personalise the content you see and adjust it to your preferences, especially in the online boutique.

  • Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are sent to your device from a domain other than ours. We cannot access the data stored in third-party cookies when you browse other websites, such as social media, or view videos hosted on other servers.


The links below provide detailed information about the third-party cookies we use:


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